Qatar Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Barring Its Citizens From The Hajj

There are more than 2 million Muslims in Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj pilgrimage.
Posted at 2:50 PM, Aug 19, 2018

There are more than 2 million Muslims in Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, but Qatar is accusing the country of blocking some of its citizens from participating. 

Every year, some 1,200 Qatari citizens are allowed to register to participate in the religious pilgrimage, but this year residents are saying that registration is impossible. 

Saudi Arabia, along with other surrounding countries, have placed Qatar under land, sea and air blockade, meaning Qataris can't enter those countries without proof of registration. 

Last year, Saudi Arabia reportedly opened its border with Qatar to let the pilgrims in, but didn't do it this year. 

Saudi Arabia denies anyone is being barred from registering.

Muslims must complete the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime, as long as they're physically and financially able.

Al Jazeera reports around 54 million pilgrims have participated in the Hajj in the last 25 years. It lasts five days and culminates with the holiday Eid al-Adha.