One Year After MH370 Went Missing, Still No Sign Of Aircraft

One year after MH370 went missing, search efforts continue but not a trace of the airplane has been found.
Posted at 9:09 PM, Mar 07, 2015

NBC reports on the last recorded words of the pilots, "Good night Malaysia 370." 

"It's a mystery that could take a very long time to solve," reported BBC.

"The search area is huge, thousands of miles," reports Fox News.

"With every passing day the task becomes more difficult," said on investigator


One year. 1,800,000 square miles of search area. 26 countries. 40 aircraft and 43 ships. The most expensive search effort in history. Still no trace of flight MH370. 

"No debris, no life jackets, no seat cushions," reports CBS

239 people presumed dead. 

"MH370 where have you gone? ... Time flies, we are waiting and suffering," said the father of one victim.               

Hundreds of families left in limbo. "When you do not give us any proof, then for us there is no closure." 

"It's been almost a year and I'm living my life assuming he's going to come back," one family membertold CBS

Australia leading continued deep-sea search effort in Indian Ocean. 23,166 square mile search area; only 40 percent has been searched.

No plans past May. "By the end of May, if we still can't find the plane, then we will have to go back to the drawing board." Liow Tiong Laitold reporters. 

Optimism hangs heavy. "We remain hopeful that we will solve this baffling mystery and being the peace of know what happened," said Tony Abbott. 

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