Mother Nature Crammed A Bunch Of Nasty Weather Into This May

From sudden floods to lethal heat waves, this May was full of unpleasant, extreme weather.
Posted at 11:49 PM, May 29, 2015

Maybe April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but this year it seemed more like a precursor to Mother Nature's wrath. This month people all across the globe are dealing with severe weather in all its forms. (Video via KAMR)

From flooding in Texas and Oklahoma, where nearly two dozen people have been killed, and more are missing as a result of the storms. 

"Terrifying flood waters barreled through homes in the hard-hit town over Memorial Day weekend. Nearly a week later, several people are still unaccounted for," said CBS reporter Don Dahler.

But while the floods have been devastating, all the rain water has put an end to the historical Texas drought. Just a month ago the state was in a dry emergency. 

Now May is turning out to be the wettest month in Texas history

There have also been scorching heat waves — first, in Alaska of all places. The state has hit record highs. And the death toll from India's debilitating heat wave has risen to 1,800. (Video via India Ministry of External Affairs)

Lastly, there have been several severe typhoons in the Pacific, due to atypical warm waters.

This video includes images from Getty Images and NASA / Terry W. Virts.