Japanese Typhoon Leaves 1 U.S. Airman Dead, 2 Missing

Two U.S. airmen are missing at sea and one is dead after they were washed away by waves from Typhoon Phanfone in Japan.
Posted at 6:17 PM, Oct 05, 2014

The U.S. Air Force confirmed Sunday one airman is dead and two others are missing — swept out to sea Sunday evening when Typhoon Phanfone hit the coast of Okinawa, Japan. 

Officials from Kadena Air Base, where the three were stationed, released a statement explaining, "An Airman that was found by the Japanese Coast Guard and pulled from the sea was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. HH-60s from Kadena Air Base and Japanese Coast Guard are continuing to search for the remaining two Airmen. Rough seas are complicating rescue efforts." The names of those men will not be released until next of kin is notified. 

Sunday's landfall also left some 21,000 homes without power and canceled about 150 flights. Now, the rest of the island nation is buckling down as they prepare for Typhoon Phanfone's major landfall.

Fox News: "That typhoon packing winds of up to 150 mph with heavy rain, forecasters warning that system could also hit Tokyo."

The system has weakened but is still expected to hit Tokyo Monday morning with heavy rain and wind gusts up to 95 mph. (Video via CTV)

The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo has warned Americans in the area to take special precautions — recommending residents stock up on supplies, keep their travel documents on hand at all times and contact family and friends in the States with updates. 

NBC reports Phanfone is expected to "pack a punch hitting other major cities, including Kyoto and Osaka. Along with Tokyo, the three cities have a combined population of 85 million people."

The Weather Channel: "There's already been a number of evacuation orders for hundreds of families and people here in Tokyo are being advised to stay at home. ... But there's little chance of that happening on a Monday morning. ... So things could get extremely disruptive." 

Officials have also expressed concern over the search efforts on Mount Ontake, a volcano that erupted last weekend killing dozens, many of whom are still missing. The heavy rain is expected to increase the chance of mudslides in the search area. (Video via Japan Self Defense Forces)

CNN is reporting after Phanfone passes there is another typhoon behind it that looks like it will take a similar path.