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Video appears to show Israeli forces beating a Palestinian journalist

Scripps News geolocated the footage and confirmed the video showing the beating was recorded in east Jerusalem.
Posted at 9:15 PM, Dec 15, 2023

A disturbing new video from east Jerusalem has emerged, purporting to show Israeli security forces beating a Palestinian journalist. It's just the latest incident inflaming tensions across the region.

Video from CNN Turk appears to show a photojournalist with the state-run Anadolu Agency being attacked by Israeli security forces on Friday.

Scripps News was able to geolocate the footage — and confirmed the video took place in east Jerusalem, just south of the Palestinian Wadi al-Joz neighborhood and near the Dome of the Rock.

Anadolu Agency says the photojournalist was hospitalized after receiving injuries to his face and body.

This is just the most recent incident of violence in the West Bank. Since the start of the war in October, deadly Israeli settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank has continued to grow.

And while the Biden administration continues to provide weapons to the IDF for the war in Gaza, multiple outlets — citing government sources — report the State Department has decided to hold off on sending additional U.S.-made rifles to Israel.

IDF says it mistakenly killed 3 Israeli hostages in Gaza
Photographs of Israeli hostages being held by Hamas militants are projected on the walls of Jerusalem's Old City.

IDF says it mistakenly killed 3 Israeli hostages in Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces said soldiers misidentified the hostages as a threat during a group operation in the Gaza Strip.


The U.S. also recently said it would bar Israeli settler extremists from entering the U.S.

"Violence in the West Bank this year is at levels not seen since the second intifada," said Matthew Miller, State Department spokesman. "The United States will pursue visa restrictions against any individuals involved in or meaningfully contributing to the undermining of peace, security or stability in the West Bank."

The violence from Israeli settlers has drawn condemnation from a growing list of nations.

This week, The European Union called for Israel's government to hold extremist settlers accountable.

This also isn't the first time Israel's security forces have been accused of targeting journalists.

Multiple investigations into the death of a Reuters cameraman in southern Lebanon concluded an Israeli tank purposely targeted him and other journalists.