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IDF says it recovered bodies of 2 hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7

The hostages were identified as Eden Zakaria, 28, and IDF Warrant Officer Ziv Dado, 36.
Israeli army tanks move along the Gaza Strip border.
Posted at 1:23 PM, Dec 12, 2023

The bodies of two hostages who were kidnapped on Oct. 7 when Hamas launched a surprise attack in Israel were recovered on Tuesday, Israel Defense Forces announced. 

The hostages were identified as Eden Zakaria, 28, and IDF Warrant Officer Ziv Dado, 36. 

"Locating the missing and bringing the hostages home is a national mission. We are working with all security agencies, intelligence and operational means to fulfill it," the IDF said on X. 

Israel launched a ground invasion in Gaza in response to the Hamas attacks that killed over 1,200 people. The campaign in Gaza has been met with international pressure following the reported deaths of about 18,000

A cease-fire in November lasted about a week. It allowed for the return of 100 of the 240 hostages taken on Oct. 7. In exchange, hundreds of Palestinians were free from Israeli prisons. 

Bethlehem's wartime Christmas brings no comfort or joy
Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem

Bethlehem's wartime Christmas brings no comfort or joy

Since the start of the war in early October when Hamas gunmen attacked Israeli towns, interest in visiting Israel has all but collapsed.


President Joe Biden reiterated his support for Israel during a campaign reception on Tuesday. 

"The safety of the Jewish people [is] literally at stake," President Biden said.

The president added that he's been working with the "Qataris and Egyptians to secure the freedom of more than 100 hostages."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked President Biden for his support on Tuesday. 

"Following an intensive dialogue with President Biden and his team, we received full backing for the ground incursion and blocking the international pressure to stop the war," Netanyahu said. 

Despite showing support for Israel, President Biden has key disagreements with Netanyahu, especially about what happens to Gaza after Israel completes its mission. President Biden said Netanyahu doesn't want a two-state solution, which the U.S. supports. 

Netanyahu acknowledged disagreement, but added, "After the great sacrifice of our civilians and our soldiers, I will not allow the entry into Gaza of those who educate for terrorism, support terrorism and finance terrorism."