Iraqi P.M. Suggests ISIS Terror Plot Involving U.S. Subways

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says ISIS plans to attack U.S. and Paris subways.
Posted at 2:29 PM, Sep 25, 2014

Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says his country's intelligence uncovered an ISIS plan to attack U.S. and Paris subways. 

The prime minister says he was alerted of the plot on Thursday. He says the attack is imminent and the plot has not yet been foiled. 

We have seen terrorists successfully target public transportation before. In 2005, terrorist attacks on the London Underground and on a bus killed 52 people and injured more than 700.

Al-Abadi revealed the alleged plot to reporters while at the United Nations and says U.S. officials have been alerted. 

However, WNBCquotes an unnamed senior security official saying, "The first we heard of this threat is when the press began reporting it."

And NBC reports the FBI checked and found no record of any specific plot. 

Right now we don't know when or where these possible attacks are planned. 

According toValue Walk, the Paris Metro has 303 stations and the New York City subway system has over 400.