Forensic Evidence Suggests Yasser Arafat Was Poisoned

Yasser Arafat\'s death has always been a mystery, but new evidence suggests he might have been poisoned.
Posted at 5:46 PM, Nov 06, 2013

He was hailed as a peacemaker by some and a terrorist by others. But his death has always remained a mystery. Now, new evidence suggests Yasser Arafat might have been poisoned. (Via U.S. National Archives

As the father of the Palestinian liberation movement, Arafat survived countless death threats over the years. But it was never clear what landed him in a French hospital in 2004. After he died, there was no autopsy, and the medical files were sealed. (Via Press TV, ABC

As part of an investigation into his death, Al Jazeera asked forensic scientists to examine Arafat's personal belongings — including clothes and a toothbrush given to the network by his widow. (Via ITV)

"I will not stop. Me and my daughter will go to all courts all over the world to punish who did this crime." (Via Al Jazeera

The forensic scientists found traces of polonium — a radioactive material — which prompted calls for Arafat's body to be exhumed. Tissue samples were then sent to French, Russian and Swiss forensic teams.

Now, a report from the Swiss team says Arafat's body showed "unexpected high activity" of polonium. The scientists say their finding "moderately" supports the theory he was poisoned. (Via University of Lausanne / Al Jazeera

If Arafat was murdered, the findings don't offer any insight into who might have been responsible. Still, it has only fueled speculation that Israel played a role.

The Palestinian authority has long accused Israel of murdering Arafat in revenge for his campaign against the Jewish state. (Via YouTube / Abo Taha Yousef

But a spokesperson for Israel's foreign ministry dismissed the rumors, telling The Guardian: "There's no way the Palestinians can stick this on us. It's unreasonable and unsupported by facts. We will see yet another round of accusations, but there's no proof."

The legacy Arafat left behind is mixed. For years he promoted violence as a way to achieve his ends. But he later renounced terrorism and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to create peace with Israel.