All Of Delta's Flights Are Grounded, Thanks To A Computer Glitch

Delta Air Lines confirmed Monday it was experiencing a network outage that grounded flights all over the world.
Posted at 8:18 AM, Aug 08, 2016

Thousands of travelers all over the world were stranded Monday after Delta Air Lines experienced what it's calling a "major system-wide network outage."

Delta said in response to customer complaints on Twitter that its systems were down everywhere, but "hopefully, it won't be much longer."

The airline also clarified in a statement that flights already in the air before the outage were operating normally, but flights scheduled for departure were not taking off.

Delta currently runs about 15,000 flights per day, including those offered with their worldwide alliance partners.

And the people scheduled to travel on some of those flights Monday were pretty upset. Hundreds of travelers responded to the outage on Twitter with angry tweets and photos of stranded passengers.

Unfortunately, Delta isn't the only airline that has experienced computer woes in recent weeks.

Just last month, a glitch forced Southwest to cancel more than 900 flights around the country, much to the dismay of travelers.

As for Delta's current woes, one traveler at Heathrow Airport in London told NBC that employees had started to check passengers in for their flights manually, but the process had been very slow.

This video includes clips from WWLPDelta Air Lines and KMGH, and images from Getty Images.