The Same Drone You Own Could Be Used As A Weapon In Conflict Zones

As drones proliferate the battlefield, soldiers need new methods to defend against any threat the devices may pose.
Posted at 5:13 PM, Aug 06, 2018

Drones are making their way onto battlefields, but governments aren't the only ones using them.

In Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, more and more consumer drones are used in conflict zones.

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In most cases, these drones are used for one of two things: surveillance or propaganda. 

In some instances, they're also used as improvised weapons.

Two groups have weaponized drones in Syria by using the devices to drop explosives.

ISIS has been known to rig its drones to explode. A drone downed in Iraq exploded, killing two Kurdish soldiers and injuring two coalition soldiers.

The U.S. has an answer to these drones: the Battelle DroneDefender. It shoots them down.

The DroneDefender uses two methods to take out the flying devices: It can either disrupt a drone's remote controls or its GPS data.

The U.S. has other methods for taking out small drones, but for now, that's classified.