Chinese McDonald's, KFC Meat Supplier Shut Down For Bad Meat

In just the latest scandal involving fast food meat facilities in China, officials are investigating one facility's use of expired chicken products.
Posted at 10:47 AM, Jul 21, 2014

Yet another Chinese meat supplier is under investigation for reportedly selling bad meat to some of China's largest fast-food retailers, including McDonald's and KFC. (Via Getty Images, Wikimedia Commons / SAMZ)

Hidden camera footage by local reporters revealed questionable practices at the facility — factory workers repackaging expired chicken and beef products, even throwing meat that had fallen on the floor back into the machines. (Via Dragon TV)

According to CNBC, a reporter in the video asks if it's okay to use some chicken that had been expired 12 days. The worker reportedly says, "No problem." The report also quotes one worker saying, "The rules are dead, and people are alive," something CNBC called a common attitude in the country toward cutting corners.

This is the second time Chinese fast-food restaurants have been affected by safety issues at meat processing centers in just two years.

Earlier this year, Yum! Brands rolled out a new menu and marketing campaign after high levels of antibiotics and growth hormones in chickens at another Chinese meat processing facility prompted a nationwide health scare. (Via NTDTV)

The New York Times says many consumers in China often perceive large multinational fast food corporations like McDonald's and KFC to have more strict food safety standards.

​But according to The Wall Street Journal, food safety is an issue of concern in China due to the prevalence of food-borne illnesses, contaminated meat and alterations to food without informing the consumer.

Analysts tell Bloomberg the latest concerns will have a "limited and transitory impact" in China and say many facility managers have already become more aware of the issues after previous incidents.

As for the more recent scandal, state news agency Xinhua reports officials have since suspended operations at the facility. A general manager for the plant says the company operates under strict quality control and will cooperate with the investigation.

McDonald's and Yum! Brands have released statements condemning the recent incident and say the meat products supplied by that facility have been removed from stores.