Chile's Worst Bomb Attack In Recent History Injures 14

A bomb attack in Santiago, Chile, left 14 people injured. The city has seen a series of attacks perpetrated by anarchist groups.
Posted at 1:21 PM, Sep 09, 2014

A bomb attack in a subway station in Santiago, Chile, on Monday left 14 people injured and cast international attention on a series of similar attacks in the Chilean capital. 

The bomb was detonated at 2 p.m. from a trash can in the Escuela Militar station, which is reportedly one of Santiago's busiest. The severity of the injuries was diverse. (Video via BBC)

IVO ZUVIC GARCIA VIA EURONEWS: "Most of them have some type of hearing trauma, but three people had shrapnel wounds, some of them have open fractures and one of them also lost several of her fingers."

According to officials, the bomb shared characteristics with two other attacks over the past couple of months  — one at a different subway station and one at a police station. (Video via Canal 24 Horas)

Univision reports that 28 other explosive devices have been recovered across the capital this year, and although nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack, anarchist groups have perpetrated similar attacks in the past. 

But this is the most damaging attack in the country's recent history, as most of those other bombs were detonated when no one was around. 

And as the BBC points out, the authorities have been largely baffled by the attacks, and as many as 80 different groups have claimed responsibility for some 200 attacks that have happened over the past decade.  

The only person killed in any of the attacks was a 27-year-old anarchist who died after the bomb he was planting detonated unexpectedly. That was in 2009. (Video via Chilevisión)

Chile has a reputation as one of the safest countries in South America, and President Michelle Bachelet was quick to assure the public it is still safe. (Video via CNN)

Bachelet has pledged to bring the perpetrators to justice and has invoked the country's anti-terrorism laws, which would allow for harsher punishment for the guilty party.