Pakistan Drops Charges Against 9-Month-Old Baby

Attempted murder charges against a nine-month-old in Pakistan were dismissed Saturday. The boy and all of his family were accused of stoning police.
Posted at 1:10 PM, Apr 12, 2014

Most babies are only accused of occasionally robbing mom and dad of a good night's sleep, but one nine-month-old in Pakistan just escaped attempted murder charges. 

"Attempted murder chargers against a nine-month-old baby in Pakistan have been thrown out. The case generated international outrage and many used it to point out the failed legal system of the country."  (Via Al Jazeera America)


CTV has more on how nine-month-old Muhammad Musa Khan was even charged to begin with.

 "The baby and all the members of his family are accused of trying to kill gas company officials by throwing stones at them." (Via CTV)

According to TheIndependent, the boy was booked in February and charged with planning a murder, threatening police and interfering with state affairs. 

But after pictures surfaced of Musa Khan crying as he was being fingerprinted, people around the world were outraged. (Via BBC

The Telegraph reports the case was then thrown out by a judge today and police chiefs ordered actions against one of the investigating officers. 

Following the case, Khan's defense lawyer said, "Police told the court that the nomination of Musa in the case of attacking police and gas company officials was a human error and Musa is not required." (Via NBC)

The boy's grandfather and his three uncles still face charges.