11 Dead, Dozens Feared Trapped In India Building Collapse

An apartment building collapsed in the Indian city of Chennai, killing at least 11 and trapping hundeds under debris.
Posted at 2:02 PM, Jun 29, 2014

At least 11 people are dead and hundreds more are trapped under debris after A building collapsed in southern India Saturday night.

The building, an 11-story apartment in the southern city of Chennai, was still under construction when it collapsed during heavy rains in the night.  

"But police say an adjoining structure, an 11-floor building actually has collapsed."

The reason for the collapse remains unclear. One India News reports that a lightning strike may have contributed to the collapse, while others blame the poor quality of construction. 

Police forces have so far arrested five construction officials in connection with the collapse. (via The Hindu)

But with many still under the rubble, the government is focused on rescue efforts. 

"​We have to cut through the rubble, remove the debris, and then identify the survivors. The first task is to rescue the trapped persons."

Up to 90 construction workers were believed to be in the building's basement to collect their wages when the building toppled. (via Irish Times)

The Times of India reports that so far 26 of those have been rescued. The search will continue for two more days. 

India's fast pace of growth and lax regulation have made building collapses common in the country in recent years. 

Only hours before, another apartment in New Delhi fell, killing 10. (via India Today)

The government has promised 200,000 rupees, or about $3,000, to the families of those killed in the latest collapse.