British Girls Dress Up as Burning Twin Towers for Halloween

Two British teens sparked outrage over their 9/11-themed costumes.
Posted at 12:36 PM, Nov 06, 2013

Two British teens are receiving massive backlash over their Halloween costumes.

Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, both 19, surprisingly won first place at a nightclub in England for their homemade display of the burning Twin Towers on 9/11. The costumes were engulfed in flames and even had airplanes and people falling from them. While the display was fake — the outrage was very real.

“Aw c’mon” Flash

“Just sickening, sick to your stomach!”

“We all have a sick idea in our heads, but it should have stayed there. It should never have come to a reality.”

The Sun Newspaper slammed the two with the headline "Towering Stupidity" and said one of the girl's fathers "vowed last night to 'have a little chat'" with them about their costumes.

Both girls said their 9/11-themed costumes were not intended as a joke and have since apologized. These costumes weren't the only one that had many asking "too soon?"

This picture posted to Facebook shows two men reportedly in their 20's making light of the George Zimmerman case. One boy dressed as Trayvon Martin in blackface wearing a blood-stained hoodie and another as Zimmerman wearing a shirt that reads "Neighborhood Watch" while he made a gun out of his right hand and it pointed it to the other's head.

And then there was this Michigan woman who dressed as a Boston Marathon Bombing victim. She posted the picture to Instagram and Twitter —

— which caused many to angrily tweet back at her. One user called her "an absolutely disgusting human being." And BuzzFeed reports soon after, users discovered she had posted a photo of her driver's license which prompted them to attack her further.

And then The Huffington Post shows this trio dressed as the Asiana Airlines pilots that "manage to both mock a tragic accident and display blatant racism."

One blogger responded with "Three people die, dozens more injured. At least you guys got a good Halloween costume out of the tragedy."

The bar in Chicago where that photo was taken tweeted something we can all keep in mind for next year:

" creative this Halloween but be aware that your "good idea" may be hurtful & insensitive to others. We all share this world."