Boy Run Over By Car Gets Right Back Up

A 5-year-old boy had his head run over by a car but miraculously got right back up afterward and tended to his grandmother, who was also hit.
Posted at 11:22 AM, Jan 23, 2014

This CCTV footage is making headlines: a little boy in Brazil seemingly run over by a car — but he seems unfazed. We want to warn you, this is a little shocking to watch.

"A speeding car slammed into a parked car, sending it flying and knocked them to the ground. Did you see how it rolled right over them? The little boy jumps right back up and checks on grandma and is like, 'What is happening?'" (Via HLN)

According to the Daily Mirror, the boy suffered just a few cuts and bruises on his face and stayed with the woman in the video — his 56-year-old grandmother — until an ambulance arrived.

The boy is reportedly just 5 years old. He was taken to a hospital and tested because in the video the car appears to run over his head. 

The Independentreports ​he was OK and released the same day — and his grandmother was released the next day.

She said she did see blood coming out of her grandson's nose and mouth at first and feared the worst, but again, doctors determined his wounds are just superficial.

The Daily Mirror also quotes the grandmother as saying: "I feel as if we've been born again. It's a miracle we're still alive."

The story is going viral, and many outlets, including CNN, agree the story is "amazing." Words like "miracle" are being used as the footage spreads across the Internet.