Blasts Kill One Near China's Communist Party Offices

The explosions appear to be from homemade bombs, and occur just days before a Communist Party meeting.
Posted at 7:30 AM, Nov 06, 2013

At least one person is dead after mutiple explosions in front of Communist Party offices in northern China Wednesday morning. 

State media are reporting one dead and eight injured. According to Xinhua, the bombs were self-made. 

"The homemade devices detonated during the morning rush hour in the city of Taiyuan."

CNN reports the bombs were hidden in flower bushes at the front gate of the offices, and the blasts broke the windows of vehicles and even shredded their tires.

Traffic was halted on the road for hours after. The explosions are occuring as a major Communist Party leadership meeting is set for this weekend in Beijing.

And just last week, an attack in Beijing's Tiananmen Square made headlines. A vehicle drove into a crowd of people, killing two and wounding 40. (Via Voice of America)

It's unclear if Wednesday morning's blasts were in any way related. The Communist Party has dominated in China for more than 60 years.