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Australian Anti-Islam, Anti-Racism Protests Get Violent

One protest group is anti-Islam, while the other is anti-racism. Police in Melbourne stepped in to try to calm the crowds.
Posted at 11:24 AM, Jul 18, 2015

Anti-Islam group Reclaim Australia and anti-racism group No Room For Racism clashed in Melbourne, Australia, Saturday.

In response, 450 police were sent to calm the crowds. 

They sprayed the protesters with pepper spray.

"The [police] were at significant threat of having their lines over run and it was a tool we had to use at the time," said Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane.

Following a terror attack in Sydney, similar rival protests have broken out across Australia.

A man claiming allegiance to ISIS held a cafe hostage in December. He and two hostages died.

Some have criticized conservative politicians for fueling the anti-Islam sentiment with comments like this one.

"I have often heard Western leaders describe Islam as a religion of peace. I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often and mean it," said Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

One Australian member of parliament plans to speak at a Reclaim Australia protest Sunday.

Politicians have asked Australia's prime minister to stop the MP from speaking.

There are more protests planned for the weekend.

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