North Korea May Be Making More Fuel For Nuclear Weapons

Analysts say satellite imagery seems to show of one the North's once-dormant reactors is up and running.
Posted at 11:28 AM, Mar 10, 2018

North Korea seems to be making more nuclear bomb fuel, despite the country's leader Kim Jong-un signaling a willingness to negotiate denuclearization.

That's according to two groups of U.S. analysts. Both groups examined satellite imagery of one the North's known reactors, and they say the once-dormant compound seems to be back up and running.

The images the groups analyzed come from before and during the Pyeongchang Olympics — a period of time where the North seemed to be more open to diplomacy with South Korea and the U.S.

Earlier this week President Donald Trump said he wants to meet with Kim. But the White House says denuclearization is a key part of those talks. One of the analyst teams says these images suggest the North is getting ready to expand its nuclear fuel stock.