North Korea Allegedly Plotting Terrorist Attack Against South Korea

The report came from South Korea's intelligence agency Thursday.
Posted at 8:27 AM, Feb 18, 2016

North Korea is allegedly planning a "terrorist attack" against South Korea. 

That's according to South Korea's spy agency, which says North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered the attack himself. 

The intelligence agency briefed its country's ruling political party Thursday.

It warned cyberattacks, kidnapping of South Korean citizens and poison gas attacks are all possible threats

Some leaders said the warning justifies an anti-terrorism bill, which has previously been blocked by political parties who were concerned the law would give the intelligence agency too much power. 

On Wednesday, four American F-22 stealth fighter planes flew over South Korea. The Pentagon said the purpose was to "demonstrate the [U.S. and South Korea's] capabilities."

This video includes clips from YTNBBC and CNN