North Korea Reportedly Launches Another Missile Over Japan

Japanese and South Korean authorities said they believe North Korea launched a missile over Japan that landed in the Pacific Ocean.
Posted at 7:48 PM, Sep 14, 2017

North Korea reportedly launched yet another missile.

Not much is known about the missile itself, but Japan's public broadcaster NHK reported it flew over the Japanese island of Hokkaido and landed over 1,200 miles away in the Pacific Ocean. Japan warned its citizens to go inside and stay away from any debris if they find any.

The launch comes just a few days after the U.N. Security Council sanctioned North Korea for its nuclear tests. The country said it would retaliate by sinking Japan and turning the U.S. into "ashes and darkness."

It seems North Korea has made a lot of recent progress on its missile program. The Hermit Kingdom claimed it had a successful test of a missile-ready nuclear bomb in early September.