Hundreds Arrested In Hong Kong Over National Security Law Protests

In Hong Kong's Central district, marchers were shot with rubber bullets as they rallied against legislation that would limit protests and free speech
Posted at 12:56 PM, May 27, 2020

Around 300 people were arrested in Hong Kong Wednesday in anti-government protests over a national security law.

In Hong Kong's Central district, protesters marched in opposition of a newly proposed anti-sedition law that officials say would ban protests and restrict free speech. Riot police fired pepper spray and shot rubber bullets at protesters. Some marchers were fined for breaking social distancing rules.

Critics of the anti-sedition law say the passing of it will strip Hong Kong of the freedom it enjoys from a "one country, two systems" structure apart from mainland China, and promote censorship.

Other protesters also rallied against a proposed bill that would make it illegal to insult China's national anthem, which could result in up to three years of jail time.

President Donald Trump has said the U.S. will respond "powerfully" to China imposing the national security law. 

The national security law will be voted on this week and and could go into effect as soon as late June.

Contains footage from CNN.