Are British Spies Manipulating Scotland's Independence Vote?

British spies are working to stop Scotland from voting for independence — at least, that's what some Scots said in a recent poll.
Posted at 4:04 PM, Sep 13, 2014

Scotland is less than a week away from voting in a referendum that could make it a separate nation independent from the United Kingdom.

And as Thursday's vote inches closer, some Scots apparently believe British spies are working to stop the country from voting for independence.

According to a new YouGov poll for Buzzfeed, 26 percent of Scottish voters think it's "probably true" that MI5 spies are actively working with the British government to keep Scotland a part of the U.K.

Another 20 percent said they "didn't know" if spies were trying to influence the referendum, and 55 percent said they thought the idea is "probably false."

YouGov's poll questioned the same 1,084 voters who participated in a recent Sunday Times survey that showed the pro-independence campaign had moved into the lead for the very first time.

Though other, more recent polls, suggest the vote is too close to call.

While the idea that British spies are working to influence Sept. 18's vote may sound a little, well, crazy, these findings do illustrate the growing divide between Scotland and Westminster that's fueling the Scottish campaign for independence, as the Daily Mail points out.

But it turns out, MI5 spies trying to manipulate the vote isn't the only conspiracy theory floating around ahead of the referendum.

Some suggested the timing of the recent royal baby announcement was a little too coincidental — perhaps part of a master plan by the royal family to save the union. 

During the past week, several major media outlets have speculated the baby news could drum up just enough national pride needed to sway the vote in favor of the United Kingdom. 

Should Scotland vote yes on the referendum, the Scottish National Party has set a date of March 24, 2016 for Scotland to officially secede from the U.K. 

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