3 Dead, 1 Injured After Shooting At Jewish Museum In Belguim

A gunman killed three people and seriously injured another after opening fire inside the entrance of the Jewish Museum in Brussels.
Posted at 4:01 PM, May 24, 2014

Three people were killed and another sustained serious injuries after a gunman opened fire at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. 

The BBC reports the gunman arrived by car and went inside the museum before firing on those near the entrance. The suspect struck and killed two women and one man before returning to his vehicle and speeding off. 

Police have established a security perimeter around the area, which is a busy tourist district packed with cafes and restaurants. Belgian police have reportedly arrested one person and are hunting a second. (Via Sky News)

According to officials, because the suspect was described to be carrying bags, police also searched inside the museum to ensure that no devices had been left behind. (Via Fox News)

CNN explains the nature of the attack has raised suspicions that it might have been an anti-Semitic act of terrorism. 

Belgium's Foreign Minister told the outlet: "You can't help thinking, when you see a Jewish museum, to think about an anti-Semitic act, but the investigation will tell more."

According to local media outlets, one eyewitness may have scribbled down the suspect's license plate number and given it to police. Authorities have yet to confirm that report.