Former Reporter Hacked Kate Middleton's Phone 155 Times

Clive Goodman, former reporter for Rupert Murdoch's News of the World, admits to hacking the phones of royals and their staff hundreds of times.
Posted at 10:46 PM, May 14, 2014

Former “News of the World” reporter Clive Goodman shocked jurors Wednesday when he revealed he hacked into Kate Middleton’s phone 155 times and the police never caught on.

Goodman is already one of seven people on trial for similar activity.

“He’s on trial for paying policeman, royal protection officers, in return for royal phone directories.” (Via Sky News)

He was also charged for phone hacking in 2005 and served a six-month jail sentence in 2007. (Via The Telegraph)

“He and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire admitted hacking the phones belonging to members of staff who worked for the royal household.” (Via ITV)

But Middleton wasn’t the only one. According to The Guardian, Goodman fessed up to hacking Prince William’s phone 35 times and Prince Harry’s phone nine times.

Goodman told jurors he began hacking Kate’s phone in October of 2005, following up with hacking William and Harry followed shortly after.

He also admitted to hacking the royals’ staff members more than 160 times. (Via ABC Australia)

Goodman says he never lied about hacking the royal phones. According to him he was never asked about it.

He said, "I have been as open and honest about hacking as I can be but nobody has asked me any questions about this before." (Via London Evening Standard)