UPDATE: Turkish Authorities Identify Plane Hijack Suspect

Turkish authorities say the man is a Ukrainian national and wasn't carrying and weapons or bombs.
Posted at 10:22 PM, Feb 07, 2014

Authorities in Turkey have arrested and identified the man who attempted to hijack and redirect a plane to Sochi Tuesday. 

NBC reports the man's name is Artem Hozlov, a Ukrainian national in his 30s or 40s. Hozlov reportedly told crew members aboard the plane that left from Ukraine he had a bomb and demanded that the pilot fly to Sochi instead of the original destination, Istanbul.

Sky News cites Turkish news sources that suggest the man might've been drunk when he attempted to hijack the plane, but added he never entered the cockpit. 

According to CNN, Istanbul's governor told reporters the man "didn't seem to have consumed alcohol, (but) he may have used some other substances."

The pilot safely landed the plane at an airport in Istanbul and all 110 passengers were evacuated. Authorities then took the man into custody. No weapons or bombs were found on him. 

While U.S. officials said they don't believe the incident is part of a larger plot, one ABC writer said the attempted hijack could've been just another instance of drunken passengers aboard flights in that part of the world. 

The writer cites numbers from the Russian government that say 24,000 were punished last year for drunken and disorderly behavior in airports and on planes in Russia. (Via The Moscow News)

There's still no word on the man's motive.