Massive Winter Storm Intensifying Across The U.S.

Life-threatening wind chills will break records across U.S. in the next couple of days, just as 113 million people plan to travel for the holidays.
Posted at 8:05 AM, Dec 22, 2022

The winter storm blowing through the Pacific Northwest, dropping a foot of snow in Seattle and closing expressways, is now heading towards the mountain and Great Plains states.


Residents across Montana are preparing for the cold, with real temperatures already below zero as wind chills could reach 60 degrees below zero.

As the snow storm blows through, wind chills across the country from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico will reach dangerous levels. Some can cause frostbite in two to five minutes.

The wind chill in Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota is 55 degrees below zero. Colorado and Wyoming are seeing 50 degrees below zero. Oklahoma is seeing 25 degrees below zero, 15 degrees below zero in Dallas Fort-Worth, 20 degrees below zero in Nashville, 12 degrees below zero in Birmingham, and 10 degrees below zero in Atlanta.

Blizzard conditions are adding to the cold across the Great Lakes over the next two days, stretching from Minnesota across the Chicago area into Michigan.

Residents in Michigan are preparing for several feet of snow and freezing temperatures by stocking up on food and shovels. The western side of the state will get the worst, but the whole state will experience blizzard conditions on Thursday and Friday.


The cold and blizzards are arriving just in time to create a nightmare before Christmas as 113 million people plan to travel for the holidays.

Officials are expecting big delays and cancellations at the airports. Major airlines like Delta, United and American are already offering inclement weather waivers to passengers.

Traveling by roads will be treacherous, too, under heavy snow and ice, with even the Sunshine State preparing for freezing temperatures by opening shelters across the state. 

Experts say people and pets should avoid the outside as much as possible, with the wind chills starting Wednesday night and lasting through Friday in the Midwest and Saturday in the Southeast.