Is your pool too hot? Cooling down your pool water in excessive heat

Temperatures have been hitting record highs this summer.
Posted at 11:00 AM, Aug 13, 2023

With record high temperatures this summer, you may find a refreshing dip in the pool actually feels more like taking a hot bath.

Michael Aprati, founder of Coral Pools, says the "ideal" pool temperature is around 82 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything over 104 degrees can be unsafe. While your pool might not get that hot, it may still reach the mid 90's which can be uncomfortable. Spas are typically set to 102.

Ways to cool your pool down

Aprati says run the aerator, which is standard in all pools, at night. It's less expensive and when the weather dips at night it'll make the water cooler by a degree or two. You can also add a chiller unit, or even a fountain, to cool things off.

Also, try adding shade, like a canopy, or even planting a tree for some natural coverage.

"Shade makes a tremendous difference. This pool here just started getting warm a few weeks ago. It was cool to get in it in June when other pools, commercial pools with no foliage around it, are hot," Aprati said.

Cleaning your pool after storms

Along with hot water, you may find a lot of dirt and dust in your pool this time of year.

Aprati recommends backwashing the filter at least once a week, for three minutes. If you don't keep that routine, it could cost you more in the long run after a storm hits.

"Clean it up because during the week everything will get plugged up and clogged up no matter how much chlorine you have because it's not circulating," he said. "What's great about a pool, it's a leisure product. It's something you have fun. So take care of it, because nothing's cheap anymore."

This story was originally published by Jamie Warren at Scripps News Phoenix.