Forecasters missed naming subtropical system in January

The National Hurricane Center said it missed naming a subtropical storm in January with an eye-like feature off the U.S. East Coast.
National Hurricane Center's website
Posted at 11:06 AM, May 12, 2023

The National Hurricane Center said it missed naming a January subtropical storm after conducting a reanalysis of data. 

Government forecasters say, in retrospect, that a system that moved off the U.S. East Coast in mid-January. The National Hurricane Center said it will release the data used to conduct its reanalysis in the coming months. 

Generally, the National Hurricane Center tries to issue advisories on tropical systems in real-time. 

Satellite images showed the storm having an eye-like feature spinning off the East Coast. It eventually came ashore in the Canadian Maritimes, bringing gusty winds. 

The National Hurricane Center said because of the storm, the first tropical depression in the Atlantic Basin will be given the name Tropical Depression No. 2. When the first tropical storm is named, it will be named Tropical Storm Arlene. 

Satellite view of Hurricane Fiona 2022.

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The National Weather Service said it followed guidance that allows it to use its High Seas 

Forecast products when forecasting marginal subtropical storms. 

The storm is the first January tropical or subtropical storm in the Atlantic since Hurricane Alex formed in 2016. 

Hurricane season generally runs from June 1 through Nov. 30.