Michigan police officer delivers DoorDash after crash

A single mother is praising Michigan police for going above and beyond when responding to a crash.
Posted at 4:10 PM, Feb 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-28 16:10:09-05

A single mother is praising Sterling Heights, Michigan, police for going above and beyond when responding to a crash.

It happened during the ice storm last week.

Officers made sure that everyone was treated for minor injuries and then went a step further. 

“I have DoorDash stuff in my car,” driver Bryanna Fantozzi told police.

They were stopped when Fantozzi’s car was too damaged to drive.

“Is there any way you guys can deliver that for me?” Fantozzi asked police. 

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On body camera, you can hear the police reply, “Yeah. Sure. I’ll take it for you.”

Fantozzi is six months pregnant and explained she really needed the job.

“So much stress and so overwhelmed. I’m like, thank God,” she said.

The lieutenant who agreed to drop off DoorDash for Fantozzi says he was proud to offer help during what was already a stressful situation. 

“My immediate response to her was I hope you get a good review. She was concerned about making sure the delivery got made and it’s her job,” Lt. David Allen said. “Serving is what we were able to do. I enjoy doing that greatly.” 

Parent Genna Pizza was also excited to get the food delivery soon after from police, who explained the situation. Allen says it’s his first delivery of this kind in 20 years on the job but something he won’t forget.

This article was written by Scripps News Detroit.