Back-to-back storms expected to bring heavy rain and snow to Northwest

Rain and snow are expected in Washington and Oregon, and may spread to Wyoming and Colorado later in the week.
An infrared view of extreme weather in the Pacific Northwest
Posted at 8:54 PM, Dec 04, 2023

Forecasters say severe weather is expected to hammer the Pacific Northwest this week as multiple atmospheric rivers dump rain and snow.

The storms, which began on Saturday and are forecast to continue through Wednesday, are expected to follow each other closely without much time in between.

They are forecast to bring heavy rain and winds and the possibility of feet of snow, made more dangerous by how quickly new storms are expected to move through.

Forecasters warn areas will be at elevated risk of flooding because waterways won't have time to absorb and move rainfall.

Effects are expected to spread from Washington and Oregon into Wyoming and Colorado as the week progresses.

The extreme weather is likely to make travel difficult or even impossible, the Weather Prediction Center warned.

Areas near the coast in California, Oregon and Washington could receive several inches of rain, while as much as three feet of snow may fall at higher elevations. Winds could reach 50 miles per hour, and threaten trees and power infrastructure.

Avalanche warnings have been issued for high-risk areas in California and Washington.

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Heavy rain and wind already knocked out power for thousands of customers in Seattle and Portland on Saturday.

Officials warned residents to be careful while driving in the coming days, and carry snow chains and other supplies because of the risks of becoming stranded.