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Octopus Steals GoPro Camera

An octopus in California snatched a GoPro camera and tried to take a selfie. Jeff Forgeron, who owns the camera, eventually got it back.
Posted at 1:14 PM, Jan 08, 2015

Jeff Forgeron placed his GoPro in the water for a cool underwater shot, and that's what he ended up getting, but it's probably not quite the shot he had in mind — because an octopus stole his camera. 

Obviously Jeff got his camera back since we've seen the footage. Maybe the octopus had heard of this human thing called a "selfie" and wanted to try it out?

New York Daily News called it a "cheeky crime," although the cephalopod was pretty slow. That gave Jeff the opportunity to find it and get its suckers off his camera. 

The snatch and swim happened at La Jolla Tide Pools in California. 

We're guessing that octopus wanted Jeff to get the camera back. After all, octopuses are considered one of the smartest invertebrates in the world. He could have swum away with it for good if he'd wanted to.

This video includes music from Kevin MacLeod / CC BY 3.0.