TikToker enters NBA draft with no recent basketball experience

Jordan Haber said he was bored one day and found a loophole to join the draft after reading the NBA's collective bargaining agreement.
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Posted at 1:36 PM, Jun 22, 2023

Jordan Haber will be among the very best young basketball players in the world on Thursday night. 

Haber, who did not play college basketball, has gone viral on TikTok for finding a loophole to enter the NBA Draft. 

The recent University of Florida graduate told the Los Angeles Times that he was bored one day and decided to look through the NBA's collective bargaining agreement. That's where he noticed language that would make him draft-eligible. 

Some of the rules state the entrants must be at least 19 years old in the year of the draft. If a participant is a college graduate, they can only participate in a draft in the year they graduate or are due to graduate. Prospects must also send a written notice to the NBA about their desire to be selected in the draft. 

“You really have a three-month, four-month window to really do this,” Haber told the Los Angeles Times.

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Haber filled out the appropriate paperwork and got an email from the NBA that said he is entered into the 2023 NBA Draft.

The New York law school student is planning to attend the draft, knowing he will soon be part of the 2023 undrafted class. 

He plans to document the remainder of his journey on social media. 

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