Super Bowl Commercials This Year Had A Heavy Focus On Inclusivity

We're talking commercials about racial and LGBTQ diversity, immigration and equal pay.
Three faces mashed up with the phrase #weaccept over it
Posted at 9:37 AM, Feb 06, 2017

The 2017 Super Bowl was memorable for a lot of reasons: Tom Brady's record-setting five Super Bowl wins, the only Super Bowl to ever go into overtime, Lady Gaga and her drones. But the commercials also stood out this year, because there seemed to be a general theme throughout many: diversity and social justice.

Super Bowl Commercials Are Getting Too Big For The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Commercials Are Getting Too Big For The Super Bowl


If you hadn't heard of 84 Lumber before the Super Bowl, you probably have now. The company's full ad was deemed too controversial to play during the game, so a modified version was played on TV and directed people back to the company's website. So many people went to the website that it actually crashed. The ad shows an immigration journey and features President Trump's proposed border wall.

Budweiser's ad also focused on immigration, specifically the immigration story of one of the company's founders.

Airbnb has been working to rebrand itself as inclusive after it came out that its users were racially discriminating against each other. The company's Super Bowl ad was all about acceptance.