Steph Curry Clears Air On Fake Viral Video Of 5 Full-Court Shots

Curry confirmed the viral video of him making five full-court shots in a row was fake but called it the "ultimate compliment" that fans believed it.
Steph Curry
Posted at 4:29 PM, Dec 06, 2022

Sports Illustrated just named Steph Curry their Sportsperson of the year. While announcing the news on Twitter, SI also shared a video of Curry making five full-court shots in a row.

However, even though Curry was recently crowned the three-point king after surpassing Ray Allen's former record, the viral video had many fans doubting that even Curry could do something so impressive.

So is the footage real?

Not exactly. Curry was asked about the video in a press conference, and he jokingly said, "Nobody believes I made five in a row from 90 feet?"

He quickly cleared up the controversy in a post-game press conference on Dec. 5, saying that the video was clearly fake, but it was the "ultimate compliment" that people thought he was capable of it. 

"I did make two of them, though, just in case anybody was wondering,” he said.

However, attempting to make full-court shots is part of Curry's pre-game warmup. If you want to see him attempting to make the impressive full-court shot, there is real footage of him almost making it last week when he was warming up before the Warriors took on the Chicago Bulls.

So close!

While the viral footage of him making five of those nearly impossible shots was fake, the fact that so many people thought it was real says a lot about his legendary status in the NBA.

The first tipoff to the Curry video being fake was that Sports Illustrated tagged Ari Fararooy as the director. Fararooy is known for his stylized videos — for instance, this viral video from 6 months ago video which seemingly shows Tom Brady making a crazy hole-in-one, which viewers quickly realized was just a joke.

Fararooy continued to tease NBA fans after Curry said the full-court footage was fake. This time he posted a video of Curry making successive shots while his back was turned away from the hoop.

What do you think? With Curry, anything is possible!