Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors Win 2015 NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors beat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the NBA Finals Tuesday night.
Posted at 1:17 AM, Jun 17, 2015

#DubNation kept true to its name during the NBA Finals Tuesday night, getting the "W" and becoming the first Golden State Warriors team to earn a league championship since 1975. 

The Warriors, led by league MVP Steph Curry and newly crowned Finals MVP Andre "Iggy" Iguodala, outmanned and outplayed the injury-plagued Cleveland Cavaliers, taking the series four games to two — and closing out on the road. The final score? 105-97.

"First of all, God is great, God is great. Um, this was awesome. That's what we talked about, staying strong. Stay with it, was coach's motto the whole playoffs, stay with it. They kept fighting," Andre Iguodala told ESPN.

Curry and Iguodala finished the night with a whopping 25 points apiece, bringing the Warriors back with a bang after falling behind by two points early in the third quarter.

One of the biggest storylines coming into Game 6 were questions of whether King James, who was without guard Kyrie Irving and big man Kevin Love, could continue to play Atlas and keep his team lifted. 

Although "the best player in the world" finished with 32 points, 18 rebounds and nine assists, the Warriors were too much to bear. 

Another storyline was whether James would go home as Finals MVP despite losing the series — something LeBron said he didn't want unless the outcome was different. 

And looks like he got his wish. Iguodala was given the Finals MVP title without starting a single game in regular season.

Also worth noting: None of the Warriors' players had any NBA Finals experience entering the series. You know, no big deal.

As a writer for USA Today perfectly put it, "After six games of a grueling NBA Finals series, there is no argument that the best team earned their stripes as the new champion."

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