Sights And Sounds From The Orioles' Empty Game

The game was closed to the public, but it went on anyway. Here are some of the sights and sounds from Wednesday's Baltimore Orioles game.
Posted at 11:07 PM, Apr 29, 2015

“We just got an announcement from the press box that, for bookkeeping purposes, today’s official paid attendance is … zero,” Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne said.  

“The seats will be empty. There will be players on the field. There will be media here covering it. It is the first in major league history in which fans are prohibited from attending,” WJZ-TV's Mark Viviano said.   

"I’m quiet because the silence is deafening, too, at Camden Yards despite the fact that it’s a rout for the home team,” Fox Business' Liz Claman said

“Here at Orioles Park, the baseball was all being played out of reach. The forbidden game, some are calling it,” WMAR's Jeff Hagar said

“They’re cheering as if they’re in the stadium. They’re chanting, ‘Let’s go, Orioles!’ That’s neat to see, but it’s only about 150 fans, and the view is not that great,” Brent Harris told MSNBC

“They were looking through the bars. It was almost … we likened it to inmates trying to watch a game maybe through a fish bowl, through the bars,” Hagar said

“We move on to the bottom of inning No. 7. Time now for what would ordinarily be the seventh inning stretch, but there are no people here to stretch here at Orioles Park at Camden Yards,” Thorne said

"What a weird-looking scene out there, Rick,” Fox News' Shepard Smith said

“It’s very strange, Shepard,” Rick Leventhal reported. 

“It’s just strange to look around and see no fans inside,” WMAR's Katrina Bush said. 

“The good news is that if my nose bleeds, nobody’s here to see it. Well, that’s correct,” Orioles broadcaster Jim Palmer said. 

“The Orioles scored another run. They’re playing the hell out of this game with nobody there to see it. Should be a new policy … I think,” WBAL 1090AM's Derek Hunter said

This video includes images from Getty Images and music from Centz / CC BY NC ND 3.0.