Kane Accuser's Attorney Quits Case In Another Bizarre Twist

The attorney for a woman who accused NHL star Patrick Kane of sexual assault withdrew from the case Thursday for "ethical reasons."
Posted at 11:30 PM, Sep 24, 2015

In what is yet another bizarre twist in the sexual assault case involving NHL star Patrick Kane, the attorney for Kane's accuser announced Thursday he's withdrawing from the case for "ethical reasons." 

"This evening, information was provided to my office in which established misrepresentations were made to me about the facts concerning the discovery of the rape evidence bag," attorney Thomas Eoannou said during a press conference

The bag he's referring to is the alleged evidence bag that once contained the accuser's rape kit. The accuser's mother claimed the bag showed up on her doorstep earlier in the week. 

"I have never seen an evidence bag outside of a police lab, a prosecutor's office, or a court room," Eoannou said during a press conference Wednesday. 

In his announcement, Eoannou said the evidence bag is a real evidence bag, but added he'd lost confidence in how it showed up. 

Shortly after Eoannou's press conference, Kane's attorney, Paul Cambria, gave a press conference of his own, saying he was told a version of how the bag wound up on the accuser's mother's porch and said the accuser's side has no credibility. 

Meanwhile, the Hamburg, New York, Police Department maintains that none of the evidence has been tampered with, writing on its Facebook page Wednesday the handling of the evidence has been "unassailable." 

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