Delta Airlines Bumps Passengers To Fly Florida Gators

Delta Airlines decided to cancel flight 5059 full of commercial passengers headed to Atlanta, so it could instead charter the Gators to UConn.
Posted at 4:27 PM, Dec 03, 2013

Companies are always putting the everyday customers first. Unless you're an everyday customer trying to fly out on the same flight as a delayed Florida Gators basketball team. For that, you're gonna come second. 

On Sunday, the Florida Gators were flying to play the University of Connecticut as thousands of others across the country tried to make it back home after the Thanksgiving weekend — causing a busy travel day. (Via WHDH

However, Florida's original plane was grounded for maintenance.

Instead of being late for the game, Delta Airlines decided to cancel flight 5059 full of commercial passengers headed to Atlanta and used it instead to charter the Gators to UConn. (Via KOB-TV

Those passengers were reportedly told their flight was grounded for maintenance as well, as they watched the Florida players board the plane intended for them. 

One anonymous passenger who was bumped told The Gainesville Sun that others missed events, some drove to other airports to catch flights and one person missed a funeral. She said, "It just felt like the wrong decision made by somebody who didn't think it through."

A spokesman for the university said the decision would've come from the airline — not the team or athletic department. Delta Airlines apologized for the inconvenience to its passengers and gave them vouchers. (Via Sports Illustrated

Florida ended up losing the game 65-64 to UConn thank to Shabazz Napier's last-second buzzer beater. (Via ESPN)

As The Big Lead puts it, "Karma, thy name is Shabazz."