Boy meets Jamal Murray after signed Nuggets jersey stolen at parade

During the Denver Nuggets' championship parade, a boy threw his jersey out to be signed, and someone in the crowd snatched it away.
Posted at 8:47 PM, Jun 22, 2023

During the Denver Nuggets' championship parade, Alex Herrera, 8, threw his jersey up to Jamal Murray, who was riding in a firetruck. Murray signed it and threw it back into the crowd, where someone else snagged it. "Somebody just came from behind us and swooped it up," said Alex’s mom, Mary Coronel.

Coronel posted a video on TikTok, showing a devastated Alex after the incident. The video quickly gained attention online, particularly from the Nuggets. 

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Jamal Murray and rest of the team were at a Dick’s Sporting Goods for a planned autograph signing, and made arrangements for Alex to meet the NBA champion player. 

"It was really cool," Alex said. "He's really nice."

Murray even signed some things for Alex's older brothers.

"He's cool," said Alex's older brother Ivan Herrera. "He signed my stuff, and he signed my brother's jersey. I didn't think he would want to sign two things, but he did."

To top it all off, Murray took Alex and his dad into the back of Dick's after the public signing and signed a jersey for Alex.

"Here, Alex," Murray said. "This is for you, man. Got you a hat. Got you a jersey. Signed this during the parade."

"It was beautiful," Coronel said. "Just seeing their faces. The minute [Murray] walked out of the back, Alex's eyes just lit up, and that meant everything. Everything was completely worth it. The wait, the hang out, the whole three or four hours we were here. Priceless. Yeah, thank you, guys."

This story was originally published by Russell Haythorn at Scripps News Denver.