Another Baseball Fan Injured By A Foul Ball

A woman was hit by a foul ball Sunday at Wrigley Field, and that's shockingly common.
Posted at 10:07 PM, Aug 23, 2015

A Chicago Cubs fan was taken to the hospital after being popped by a foul ball Sunday afternoon. 

It happened during the first inning of the Cubs' game against Atlanta. The game was stopped so medics could take the woman out on a stretcher. 

Fans being hit by balls or bats is surprisingly common. Just Friday, a woman in Detroit was hit by a foul ball behind the dugout. 

One study done by Bloomberg says 1,750 fans are hit by baseballs every year. (Video via ABC

Last month, one Oakland Athletics fan filed a lawsuit, saying Major League Baseball needs to do more to protect fans. 

"They know they have a problem the fans don't appreciate and they can easily fix it," the plaintiff's attorney in the case told KNTV.

The commissioner's office released a statement saying the league is "in the process of reevaluating all issues pertaining to fan safety, comfort and expectations." 

No word yet on how the woman hit Sunday is doing.  

This video includes images from Getty Images.