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Your Expensive iPhone 6 Plus Might Bend In Your Pocket

Folks who've purchased Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus are complaining the massive phone is bending while in their front pocket, but is it really that easy?
Posted at 9:39 PM, Sep 23, 2014

The iPhone 6 Plus is sleek, smooth, huge, and now... bendable?

Yup. Well, at least according to MacRumors, which cites a few members on its forums complaining the massive phone is bending in their pockets.

One of the members says they put the 6 Plus in their front pocket, drove to a wedding, danced, sat around some more, and came home to notice the phone had bent slightly.

A few folks on Twitter shared proof of the iPhone 6 Plus’s flexibility as well with the hashtag “bentgate” starting to catch on.

But a few forum posts and Twitter photos surely can’t prove that your fancy new hardware has the durability of a soda can... right? You may want to look away, because this could be hard to watch.

LEWIS HILSENTEGER VIA UNBOX THERAPY: “So without further ado, let’s get into the iPhone 6 Plus bend test.”

Lewis from Unbox Therapy theorizes it's the phone's size and aluminum makeup that cause it to bend so easily, since aluminum is so malleable.

A design engineer who spoke with Gizmodo agreed, speculating the iPhone 6 Plus’s size and thinness are what make it vulnerable.

“When you make something longer, it gets proportionally more bendable, when you make it thinner, it gets a lot more bendable.”

Derek Kessler over at iMore simply says this is something that comes with the territory. “This is what you get with a metal phone. It will be durable, it can be made thin, and it looks damn good. But it can also be bent.”

Kessler also provides a few suggestions for avoiding a cockeyed iPhone 6 Plus, such as not putting it in your back pocket, making sure it stays upright if its in your front pocket, or putting it in a shirt pocket or purse.

As painful as it is to watch the iPhone 6 Plus bend, the phone did fairly well in a break test by SquareTrade scoring a breakability score of five, or “medium risk” of breaking after being dropped and put under water.

In the end, perhaps the new-found bendability of the iPhone 6 Plus will prove The Huffington Post’s earlier prediction of a resurgence in cargo shorts right. Bigger phone, bigger pockets.

This video includes images from Getty Images and music from Kevin MacLeod / CC BY 3.0.