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You Can Finally Post GIFs On Twitter

GIF enthusiasts, it's time to show Twitter what you've got. The service added support for GIFs on its site and iPhone and Android apps Wednesday.
Posted at 6:16 PM, Jun 18, 2014

You’ve probably never seen a tweet quite like this.

Just look at that GIF. Twitter finally announced support for GIFs on its site and in its iPhone and Android apps Wednesday. (Via Twitter / @Support)

And – as you can imagine – the Internet is freaking out. GIF was even trending at the time of writing. (Via Twitter)

Of course, some are already over it. (Via Twitter / @CatnippMellark)

We think The Wall Street Journal got it right saying, “Depending on your stance on GIFs ... this is either a day of joy or sorrow.”

But no worries, GIF haters. The animations don’t auto-play. You have to click on them – like you would any other embedded media – to start the loop.

Which is sort of sad news for GIF enthusiasts. The Next Web writes, “Their impact comes from the way they start and loop automatically.”

That said, if you open up a specific tweet, any attached GIF will play automatically. (Via Twitter /@coxeyyy)

Still, Twitter is giving GIF-ers more than rival Facebook.

Facebook's site does not currently support the looping-videos because, as The Verge reports, the company is worried about how GIFs would make the News Feed look. “They may not all be beautiful, but Twitter seems to get that they're all fun.” (Via Facebook)

AKA haters gonna hate. (Via Tumblr / ahousefullofmichelle)

So what are you waiting for? Lets see those GIF reactions, people!