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Will 'Flappy Bird' Return To App Stores?

"Flappy Bird" creator Dong Nguyen hinted via Twitter about the app's return. He removed "Flappy Bird" because he considered it too addictive.
Posted at 5:15 PM, Mar 20, 2014

The little pixilated bird the Internet loved to hate might be flying right back to us soon.

A Twitter user recently asked "Flappy Bird"'s creator Dong Nguyen if the famously infuriating app might make a comeback, and Nguyen replied: "Yes. But not soon." Cue the hysteria.

Nguyen told Forbes back in February he killed the app because he didn't like how addictive it turned out to be. He said he designed the app to "play in a few minutes when you are relaxed."

Yeah, right. "Flappy Bird" fans were anything but relaxed.

"A score of zero?! Really?" (Via YouTube / alfiegames)

"Actually, don't get this game because you will get mad and ... I'll kill someone!" (Via YouTube / GAMEZwithKORTEZ)

"See right there?" (Via YouTube / Dumb Stupid Videos)

Users who had downloaded the game before Nguyen pulled it are still able to play, and those who didn't might finally get their chance.

The app will likely be a little different this time around. Nguyen tweeted he will keep his word about the re-release, but he hedged it "won't be the original game but a better one."

Hopefully, the new version will live up to the first version and not take after the knock-offs that flooded app stores after the game was pulled.

Both Apple and Google were forced to crack down on those apps because they were reportedly infecting unsuspecting users with malware. (Via CNET)

Meanwhile, Nguyen says his DotGears Studio is set to release two new games in the near future.