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When Smartphones Will Take Over The Planet

Projections show that smartphones will account for most global network traffic by 2020, according to Cisco Systems.
Posted at 5:34 PM, Feb 04, 2016

Spend a lot of time on your smartphone? So does everybody else.

Cisco System's latest five-year outlook shows smartphones are slowly but surely taking over the planet.

Mobile data traffic is going to increase eight times over by 2020.

About 70 percent of the planet — 5.5 billion users — will connect through a mobile device.

Most of that growth will come in Africa and the Middle East.

Worldwide, the mobile phone will be more common for more people than electricity or running water.

Smartphones alone will account for 81 percent of mobile data traffic — more than 75 percent of which will be video.

This video includes images from Michael Thompson / CC BY 3.0Martin Jordan / CC BY 3.0 and Alex Valdivia / CC BY 3.0. Music by MADS / CC BY 3.0.