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What Your Cat Really Thinks Of You

Animal expert John Bradsaw says cats think of their owners as non-hostile, mother-like animals.
Posted at 10:21 AM, Jan 13, 2014

Ever wondered how your cat really sees you?

Turns out, you’re just a bigger, friendlier version of your feline friend. (Via YouTube / Funnycatsandnicefish)

That’s according to Dr. John Bradshaw —  an expert in animal behavior. (Via Comedy Central

​He explains in his new book, "Cat Sense," they view their owners not as kittens, but as some kind of non-hostile, mother-like substitute. (Via Amazon

Still, while they may purr and cuddle with you, Bradhsaw says cats are still essentially wild animals — despite centuries of domestication.

That’s because, thanks to the practice of neutering, domestic female cats have few options but to turn to feral cats for breeding — resulting in about 85 percent of cats as semi-feral. (Via Animal Planet)

It all means the way cats interact with their owner has more to do with basic instinct than it does learned behavior.

So when cats bring a dead animal to the house — it’s not actually a gift for the owner, as once believed. Instead, Bradshaw says it’s it’s a side effect of their hunting strategy. (Via YouTube / It Is Delicious)

Of course, as soon as they see their food bowls, they remember they prefer that to dead rodents. (Via YouTube / keanhokeanho)

A writer at CNET thinks of cat behavior like this: Perhaps they really do observe that we behave in ways not dissimilar to their own. They watch us wander around, hunt purposelessly and bring home a ton of KFC.”