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What To Expect Out Of This Year's E3

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, opens Tuesday. Here's a preview of what will be coming to the show floor.
Posted at 10:55 PM, Jun 07, 2014

Creepy aliens, fast cars, and blue turtle shells. Yep, it's that time of year again. The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, kicks off on Tuesday. Here are some things to look out for.

The PS4 has reportedly outperformed the Xbox One in sales so far, so gamers can expect some gloating from the company at the conference. (Via Sony)

But as far as games, "Drive Club," "Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept," "The Order: 1886" and over 70 other titles have been confirmed for Sony's booth at E3. (Via Evolution Studios / "Driveclub," Via Guerilla Studios / "Killzone Shadow Fall," Via Ready at Dawn / "The Order 1886")

Polygon also speculates that Sony might make brief announcements regarding new installments for hugely successful franchises like "Uncharted" and "God of War" making a current generation debut. (Via Polygon)

Gamespot reports a PS4 and PS Vita bundle package could be announced at E3 after an ad from Best Buy was leaked which showcased the package. (Via Gamespot)

The new bundle is reportedly valued at $560, which won't save consumers much money but increases Sony's chances of putting their undersold Vita console in the hands of more gamers. Of course, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

As far as Microsoft goes, the company announced last month that the Xbox One will begin shipping without the Kinect and will see a $100 price drop. This matches the One's price with the PS4 at $399. (Via IGN)

However, Microsoft's Xbox head Phil Spencer said the company wants this year's E3 to be all about games and not hardware.

Microsoft will probably lean on its big name exclusives such as the recently announced "Halo 5: Guardians" to put more focus on the Xbox One after coming in second place to Sony so far this year. (Via CBS343 Studios / "Halo 5: Guardians)

Game Rant reports "Fable Legends," the next-gen sequel to the cult-favorite "Fable" series, will have a significant presence at the expo this year. (Via Game Rant)

As for venerable gaming giant Nintendo, it borrowed the comedy stylings of Mega64 to announce there will not be a live press conference at E3. The company will host a digital-only event instead.

After a $229 million loss for the fiscal year, Nintendo will likely be placing their hopes on the next Super Smash Bros. installment to win them some E3 love. (Via Nintendo / "Super Smash Bros.")

Well established cross-platform franchises will be showcasing their next-gen installments as well. Expect strong showings from "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare," "Mortal Kombat X" and "Battlefield Hardline." (Via Sledgehammer Games / "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare," Netherrealm / "Mortal Kombat X,EA / "Battlefield: Hardline")

E3 will also feature a long list of new triple-A franchise looking to make a splash in the industry as well.

Bungie's hotly-anticipated open-world shooter "Destiny" promises to shake up the shooter formula with massive multiplayer elements, while "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor" offers players a darker twist on Tolkien's beloved universe. And the long-delayed sci-fi "Evolve" will finally get to show off its unique 4 vs. 1 multiplayer action. (Via Bungie / "Destiny," Monolith Productions / "Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor,Turtle Rock Studios / "Evolve")

E3 opens Tuesday and runs through Wednesdays. All the press conferences and more can be viewed live at