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What’s New In Apple’s iOS 7.1?

Apple released iOS 7.1 Tuesday. It’s a small upgrade with a few noticeable feature and design changes.
Posted at 3:46 PM, Mar 11, 2014

​​​We’ve been waiting for it, and now Apple’s iOS 7.1 is here. It’s a big, small update that – 

“contains improvements and bug fixes.” OK, that sounds like every update ever, but take a closer look. (Via Apple)

Your phone dialer looks a bit different. As do your incoming calls. Functionality is still the same, but the refresh rounds out the buttons and feels more iOS 7-y. Same goes for the power off screen. A power switch replaces the old red bar in 7.1.

The facelift comes with a few new features too.

iPhone 5s owners can now automatically enable HDR photographs by tapping top and center.

All iPhone owners will see a new button in the Calendar app. This month and daily events view gives you a quicker way to see your events in context. Before, you were sent to another screen.

Press and hold your home button for a small Siri upgrade. She will now listen as long as you’re holding the button, no more cutting you off mid sentence.

And if you have a new Ferrari, Mercedes, Volvo, Hyundai or Honda, start your engines. 7.1 brings you CarPlay. (Via Ferrari, Apple)

We’ve told you about the service before. It essentially puts your iPhone on your car’s built-in display. That means maps and music move front and center and calling and texting go handsfree with Siri. (Via CNET)

"Call John Appleseed. Calling John Appleseed."

But remember, this is 7.1, not 8.0, so one of the most anticipated updates for iDevice owners is simply those “bug fixes.”

iPhone 5s, iPad Mini with Retina Display and iPad Air owners have all been experiencing an issue with random reboots.

The Verge reports, Apple promised users a fix for this back in January. That fix supposedly comes in 7.1.

Also, iPhone 5s users should experience a faster, more accurate Touch ID system.

​​All in all, this is the tweak we were expecting and maybe a little extra. Oh, and if you think it’s missing anything –

– just pack it into iOS 8. Rumors are already flying about updated Maps, Fitness Tracking and – 

– I guess an all new Mission Control? Maybe a stretch, guys. (Via YouTube / Abdel Ibrahim)

But for now, you can access 7.1 by going to Settings and tapping on “software update.”