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What Did The World Ask Google In 2013?

On Tuesday Google released its lists of most searched for topics of the year, some of the results might surprise you.
Posted at 8:14 PM, Dec 17, 2013

​What are some of the things or people you Googled this year? Maybe newly released technology, or a certain twerk-tastic star? 

​Well now you can find out what the rest of the world has typed into the all-knowing search engine — the tech giant just released its list of top searches for 2013. (Via Google

Number one on the Top Trending list in the U.S. — Paul Walker.  The “Fast and Furious” star died in November in a car crash. (Via Empire Magazine

But globally — Nelson Mandela topped the list of most searched people. Late actor Cory Monteith, the Boston Bombing and the royal baby are all also on the top ten list. (Via Google's Top Trending)   

But Top Trending is only one of some sixty lists detailing different types of searches. Those range from the "What is" list to the most-searched appetizers.  Let's take a quick look back at some of the other top-searched terms.

For instance — this. How could anyone forget the booty shaking, sparsely-clothed, jaw dropping VMA performance? It's probably just one of the reasons that made Miley Cyrus the most-searched person of the year in the U.S..  (Via MTV)

And globally she still came in at number 5. (Via Instagram / Miley Cyrus

But when it came to celeb pregnancies — at least in the U.S. — Kim Kardashian was searched more than the mother of the royal baby — Kate Middleton. (Via Extra

And of course when it come to dance moves, the "Gangnam Style" craze didn’t disappoint. (Via YG / "Gangnam Style"

But what about this? Yeah, the YMCA song came in at number five. Guess Americans can never let the classics die. (Via YouTube / Village People

But here’s one that probably won’t surprise you — the Grumpiest Cat of all is number one on the U.S.'s most Famous Internet Animals list. (Via Complex)  

You could probably keep yourself busy searching through these … searches for hours. And if you’re up to it — go ahead, the link is in our transcript section on (Via Google)