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What Apple's New Mac Pro Is And Isn't

Apple's redesigned tower, the Mac Pro, makes its highly anticipated release online this Thursday, Dec. 19.
Posted at 12:53 PM, Dec 18, 2013

​The Apple elves have been hard at work getting ready to launch the new Mac Pro — just in time for Christmas. The long-awaited, sleek black cylinder by Apple goes on sale Thursday.

And what you won’t expect: the $3,000 you’ll shell out for this trash-can-like supercomputer actually amounts to a “stocking stuffer.” The new Mac Pro is one-eighth the size of its predecessor, coming in at 9.9 inches tall and weighs 10 pounds.  

PC Magazine reports the body hosts six Thunderbolt 2 ports, 4K display support, a lightning-fast Intel Xeon E5 processor, and comes with free Christmas gift envy.

Apple’s MacPro is seen as a powerful tool for the creative professional — those who work visually in video, graphics, design, photography and more.

ZDNet notes the clientele for the Pro might be limited, but Apple’s flagship tower doesn't need to sell a “million units” to prove its worth.

“The tech specs … and interesting design will attract high-end buyers. Add it up and Mac Pro is really a vanity system. For Apple, Mac Pro is [a] recent example that the company can innovate and break a few molds.” (Via ZDNet)

It’s reported, the Mac Pro will start at $2,999 and feature a higher-end model with even faster processing at $3,999. Those prices are without any extra configurations or add-ons.

Someone should have told that to the buyer of a red Mac Pro last month.  AppleInsider reports it was auctioned off for a whopping $977,000. However, the proceeds went to benefit the (RED) charity.

But the price point has done nothing to quiet the hype surrounding the dark tower — its first redesign since 2010.

Rumblings about a new Mac Pro started when Tim Cook provided this video for Apple nerds to drool over at its Worldwide Developer Conference in June.  Which prompted Philip Schiller, the head of Apple marketing, to infamously point out,

 "Can't innovate anymore, my ass." (Via YouTube/ The Verge)

Apple followed up with more details at its October iPad event.

Computerworldreports Apple hasn’t given out any pricing details on extra configurations and memory.  So far, no media outlets are reporting if Apple will drop the curtain on its machine with a special event, or just quietly change the code on its online store.